Interview with Executive Chef Patrick Graham

Posted by Whitney Hoare on 12.7.2017

Patrick joined Roux Blond in 2015 and it was very clear from the start that Patrick was meant to be a part of the team.  His shared vision of what a culinary experience should be was the foundation of a great working relationship.  It is evident that Patrick has an incredible passion and curiosity for this industry and we are very excited to hear more from Patrick in the future. 

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Topics: Catering, Molecular Gastronomy, Cooking

From the Kitchen - Australian Wagyu Beef

Posted by Anne Marie Cali on 23.5.2017

Wagyu beef, renowned for its rich flavours and tenderness, is also a source of essential vitamins, nutrients and omega oils, which protect the human body from heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, depression and Alzheimer’s disease.

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Topics: Catering, Australian Produce, Wagyu Beef